7 Reasons Why People Are Loving These Plant-Centric Frozen Meals

By now, you've probably heard about the benefits of frozen food: Unbeatable convenience, nutrition that's locked in right after cooking, and reduced waste. But what frozen food is best? Here's why Mosaic meals stand above the competition.

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1. They're ultra-nutritious

Frozen meals have a lot of stigma, and for good reason — they're often unhealthy and full of sodium and empty calories.

Mosaic is different. It offers a balanced nutritional profile packed with hearty veggie protein, fiber, and healthy fats like avocado.

2. They're plant-centric and simple

Flip over a normal frozen food package and read the ingredient label, and you'll see lots of nasty chemicals and preservatives that you can't even pronounce.

Not so with Mosaic. They only cook with plant-centric ingredients that you'd find in a home kitchen. That means no unhealthy chemicals and nothing artificial — just all good, healthy food.

3. They're ready in 5 minutes or less

When you're busy with work, kids, or just the stress of everyday life, it can be hard to take time to cook yourself a healthy meal. That's why these frozen dinners are designed for convenience and ready in five minutes or less. It's the perfect no-stress meal.

4. The food is absolutely delicious

Sweet lemon-ginger miso sauce, spicy coconut-peanut curry, and Southwest avocado lime all sound like restaurant-quality recipes. Who knew that you could get them with the convenience of a frozen meal!

Mosaic's recipes are super flavorful and worlds away from what you've come to expect from the frozen aisle.

5. They're cooked by hand

Mosaic's meals are hand-crafted by chefs cooking in the Hudson Valley. They use premium ingredients like roasted sweet peppers, hearty whole grains, and hand-grilled pineapple to get perfect flavor in every bite.

That's very different from most Big Frozen companies, which mostly just boil vegetables instead of roasting and sauteeing. You can really taste the difference.

6. Eating them helps fight food waste

Over 40% of the food produced in America every year gets wasted due to spoilage. Frozen is an incredible format that can help reduce food waste by extending shelf life — without any preservatives.

On top of that, for every shipment Mosaic sends, they work with a non-profit to rescue and distribute two pounds of nutritious food to those in need.

7. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Mosaic stands by the quality of their products, and offers a full refund on any meal if you're unhappy. So trying it out is virtually risk-free.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there's no reason to wait to try Mosaic. It's the perfect way to eat healthy, without the work.

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