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Tired of cooking? We'll do it for you.

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Don't have the time or the energy to make dinner? We've got you covered. Enjoy no-prep, healthy, kid-friendly meals the whole family will love — for just $4.99 per serving! Just pop them in the oven, heat, and serve — no shopping, prep, or cleanup required.

Launching in September 2021. Pre-order today to get $30 off your first box!

Money back guarantee
Our 100% Guarantee:
If you don't love your meals, we'll issue a full refund, no questions asked.

3 ways Mosaic will make family dinner stress-free

1. We've done the cooking for you

Forget stressing about groceries, prep, and washing dishes. We'll take care of everything — just order, heat, and enjoy! Plus, all of our packaging is fully recyclable for effortless and guilt-free cleanup.

2. Recipes you love made with all-natural ingredients

From classic pastas to crave-able enchiladas, our extensive menu of vegetarian options will have the whole family asking for more. Our chefs source the freshest produce, artisan cheeses, and protein-packed pastas, then prep and cook by hand just like you would at home.

3. It’s delivered to your door and ready when you need it

After carefully cooking, our chefs flash-freeze your food to preserve quality and nutrients. We send everything to you in a box chilled with dry ice. Put it in the freezer and you’re ready to heat and serve whenever you need it.

A Sampling of the Menu

Here are a few sample items our menu. We'll contact you for final selections before we send your first box

Mac & Greens

Sweet Potato Tamale Chili

Lentil Shepherd's Pie

'Sausage' & Veggie Lasagna

Pineapple Tofu Fried Rice

Veggie Pot Pie

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Monthly deliveries of 4-serving family-style meals
First delivery
September 2021 Our customer service team will contact you when we launch to arrange delivery and help choose your meal options
Broccoli Watercolor

Satisfaction guaranteed. Seriously.

We want every customer to have an amazing Mosaic experience. So we have a simple policy: if you don't like your food, we'll give you a refund, no questions asked. Here are some reviews from customers we currently serve.

Beet Watercolor

Still got questions? We've got answers.

Here are a few answers to the most common questions about our meal service.

What's a pre-sale, and when will my order ship?

We haven't yet launched in your area, but will be doing so in early September 2021, which is when your first order will ship. This pre-sale allows you to sign up early for our service to reserve your spot and get a $30 discount on your first order. After you check out, we'll have your information on file, and our customer service team will reach out 2-3 weeks before your order ships to confirm delivery and ask for your meal selections.

What comes in my box?

A selection of healthy, crave-able, plant-based ready meals that your family will love! We'll reach out 2-3 weeks before your first box ships to show you our finalized menu and ask you to select your meal options. You'll be able to choose what meals come in each box, so you can customize your delivery to your family's preference.

Will kids like it?

Kids love our food. We offer tons of family classics packed with hidden, good-for-you veggies that children of all ages rave about. And on the off chance that you're not satisfied with the quality or taste of our food, we have a 100% money-back guarantee.

What are the different plans?

All of our plans deliver monthly. We offer two different plans: the '1 meal / week' plan (which consists of four meals delivered monthly); and the '2 meal / week' plan (which consists of eight meals delivered monthly). You can pause, skip, or cancel your deliveries at any time with no fees or penalties.

Are your meals vegetarian?

Yes! All meals included in your box will be 100% Vegetarian icon vegetarian. We also offer a number of Vegan icon vegan options.

Can I customize what's in my box?

Yes! Our support team will reach out to you 2-3 weeks before your order ships to confirm your meal selections. After your first delivery arrives, you'll also be able to log into your customer portal after ordering and customize what's in your box from month to month on your own.

How are the meals shipped? Is there a charge for shipping?

We send your box with next-day or two-day shipping (depending on where you live), and all of our packaging is fully recyclable. Our '2 meal / week' plan comes with free shipping, and our '1 meal / week' plan costs $12.99 to ship. We ship our meals to you in a curbside recyclable liner, and we use dry ice to keep everything ice-cold and ultra-fresh in transit. The trays we use for our meals are made of fully recyclable paperboard with a recyclable plastic lining. We know we're using the word 'recycle' a lot here — but we're pretty proud of being 🌎 friendly!

How do I heat everything up?

All of your meals come in oven-safe trays and can be heated in the oven in about 45-60 minutes. See detailed instructions on each meal package for more information.

Are there any fees for pausing or cancellation?

Nope! Once we launch in your area and send your first delivery, you can reach out to our support team at any time to pause or cancel your plan without any penalties or fees.