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A Peek Inside The Cup: Cacao Cold Brew

This week's peek is into the cup of a VERY necessary flavor: Cacao Cold Brew.

This week's peek is into the cup of a VERY necessary flavor: Cacao Cold Brew. Think of this vegan smoothie as a sweet but salty, awesome caffeine boost whenever you need it. We use the ultra fresh cold brew from our friends at Grady's Cold Brew to create the perfect buzz that keeps you going, with 9G of protein! 

Here's what's inside: 

Bananas: These sweet and delicious fruits are rich in soluble fibre which helps to regulate blood sugar levels and keep you full longer! Despite a high carb count, incorporating these into smoothies are your key to making each sip count towards a great day. No three PM crash on your agenda ! 

Cashews: In addition to being powerhouses in lowering cholesterol rates, cashews are very high in magnesium which is a contributing nutrient to reducing risks of blood related issues like heart disease. They're also our personal favorite ingredient to any dish to make it extra creamy and delicious.

Cacao Powder: There are plenty of flavonoids-plant compounds with antioxidant effects-in this chocolatey powder that help to reduce inflammation in your entire body. We talk about inflammation alot. Why you may ask? Because it can affect things like gut, skin and brain function and why wouldn't we want to make healthy habits around looking and feeling our best?


Ready to try this smoothie out for yourself? Click here to add to your next box!