Frozen food has been stuck in the ice age for too long.

It’s bland. It’s mushy. And it’s loaded with processed junk you don’t need in your diet. You can’t beat it for convenience, but someone needed to come along and bring frozen into the 21st century.

That’s how Mosaic was born.

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A tale of two frozens

Freezing food after cooking is common practice among healthy cooks and Michelin-starred chefs alike. But you wouldn’t know it from cruising the aisles of your local grocery store.

For decades, Big Frozen manufacturers have offered cheap frozen meals made from junky, bad-for-you ingredients. As they compete to cut costs, the meals get smaller, and the ingredients get worse. We wanted better. Why not make healthy food and freeze it, just like we did at home?

We’re Matt and Sam, two friends from New England, and we’ve always loved cooking. So we got to work in Matt’s kitchen in Brooklyn, whipping up healthy meals, freezing them, and seeing what worked. We wanted to make it easy for anyone to eat well, no matter how busy life got. Hundreds of recipes later, we’re excited to share what we’ve made with the world.

Turns out, the secret to fixing frozen is pretty simple. Here's how we did it.

Real ingredients

We don’t use artificial ingredients. Period. Because we make our meals to order, we don’t rely on preservatives, other than natural lemon juice, and all of our delicious flavor comes from nature, not chemicals. Our meals are guilt-free because they’re gunk-free.

Real cooking

Our food is made in a kitchen, not a factory. Our fruits and veggies are roasted, sauteed, and seasoned by hand, to bring out their natural flavors. We source ingredients mindfully and taste-test every batch for quality. It’s one more reason why we don’t need to add anything fake to our food.

Real recipes

For decades, Big Frozen manufacturers have been shrinking portion sizes in order to boost profits. We’re changing that. Our recipes are designed to fuel you through your busy day, with enough hearty goodness to keep you satisfied.

The Fresh Take

Mosaic is about more than creating healthy, great-tasting food — we’re on a mission to build a more responsible and healthy food system.

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