Our mission:

Good food on every table.

We all want more balanced diets — heavy on plants and rich in hearty, whole-food ingredients. Easier said than done. It seems like no matter where you are, food options are either too time-consuming, too heavy, unsatisfying, or just plain expensive.

We founded Mosaic to change that. Our mission is simple: to put good food on every table.

It started with a simple question:

How can we make eating good food easy?

We’re two longtime friends who both grew up lucky enough to have home-cooked, veggie-packed food at the table almost every night of the week (thanks, Moms and Dads). But in our adulthood, it was difficult to find the time to cook for ourselves — and the alternatives were bleak. Tired of unhealthy fast-food and expensive salads, we (co-founders Matt & Sam) were searching for a way to make wholesome, plant-rich eating easy.

Our quest led us to the frozen aisle of our local grocery store, where we saw disappointing options but incredible promise. We started asking ourselves: could we combine the convenience and affordability of the frozen aisle with the amazing taste and healthiness of plant-forward home cooking?

So we set up shop in Matt’s apartment kitchen and fired up the oven. Hundreds of tests later, we’d discovered that home-cooked food — made from exceptional ingredients, hand-made with love, and frozen for freshness — was the perfect answer to our question. We’d found outstanding flavor, incredible convenience, plant-powered nutrition, and affordable prices, all in one place.

Today, we're proud to be sharing our food with thousands of happy customers — helping put good food on every table, one delivery at a time.

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Matt and Sam

Mosaic co-founders Matt (right) and Sam (left) in their first kitchen.

Our Food Philosophy

We love food, and we’re committed to making it the right way. From the ingredients we source to the people we serve, we strive to do right by our customers, our community, and our world.

Real ingredients

A meal is only as good as its ingredients. We mindfully source fresh veggies, hearty whole grains, and perfectly-ripe fruits from farms and distributors around New York’s Hudson Valley so that every bite of our food is bursting with farm-fresh flavor. Oh — and we never use artificial ingredients or preservatives in our cooking. Period.

Tons of veggies and other healthy ingredients

Real cooking

Homemade food tastes better. We know, because ours is hand-crafted by expert chefs. They roast, sauté, and season our fruits and veggies to bring out their natural flavors; hand-cook grains until they’re perfectly al dente; and taste-test everything for quality before plating and shipping. At Mosaic, we’re all motivated by one goal: to bring outstanding quality from our kitchen to yours.

Cooked by hand

Real impact

We believe the best businesses make the world a better place — and we’re committed to doing just that. We freeze all of our food to help fight America’s food waste epidemic. And for every box that we sell, we work with the non-profit City Harvest to donate 2 pounds of nutritious food and distribute it to New Yorkers in need.

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Jackfruit Chili

Why Frozen?

Here at Mosaic, we believe that frozen food — despite its bad reputation — can be tremendously beneficial for our environment, our bodies, and our lives. Here’s why:

Fighting food waste

Reduces food waste

40% of food bought in the United States goes to waste. Frozen helps reduce that waste by extending shelf life, no preservatives required.

Preserving valuable nutrients

Preserves nutrients

Freezing is like nature’s pause button. Frozen produce is often harvested at peak ripeness and frozen within hours to lock in vital nutrients.

Expanding access for all

Expands access

90% of Americans don’t get their recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables — because eating well just isn’t convenient. Nutrient-rich frozen food can help.

Interested in learning more? Check out our full perspective on the benefits of frozen food.

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The Fresh Take

Mosaic is about more than creating healthy, great-tasting food — we’re on a mission to build a more responsible and healthy food system.

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