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We're a small team with big ambitions that loves food and is committed to making it the right way.

Our founders

Matt & Sam

Mosaic started back in 2019, when we (co-founders Matt, a flex-i-tarian, and Sam, an omnivore) were looking for a better way to eat.

We both knew that a diet centered around vegetables and packed with whole, unprocessed foods would be healthier for us and better for our environment — but for us, eating right always came with compromises. Nutritious meals were time-consuming to make, requiring hours of shopping, prep, and cleanup. Salads were healthy, but didn’t leave us satisfied. And takeout was as bad for our bodies as it was for our wallets. We wanted a solution that checked every box: veggie-centric, ultra-convenient, and crave-able enough for an omnivore to eat night after night.

We very quickly realized that what we were looking for didn’t exist — so we decided to build it ourselves. And that's how Mosaic was born.

years later, the power of plant-centric eating has transformed our diets, and Mosaic Foods is now a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to facilitating the world's transition to plant-centric eating.

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Sam and Matt of Mosaic Foods

Our chef


Christine graduated from the International Culinary Center and kicked off her post-grad career working behind the scenes on top Food Network shows like the Barefoot Contessa and The Pioneer Woman before going on to join the product development team at Pret a Manger. Now, she’s the mastermind behind Mosaic’s recipes, sharing her love of colorful, healthy food that’s good from dish to doorstep.

Christine's food philosophy focuses on using simple, fresh, nutrient-dense produce to create diverse, colorful, and globally-inspired meals the whole family will love.

Meet Christine

Christine of Mosaic Foods

Our dietitian


Charlotte is a Baltimore-based Registered Dietitian with a Master’s in Nutrition, author of The Plant Forward Solution: Reboot Your Diet, Lose Weight & Build Lifelong Health by Eating More Plants & Less Meat, and owner of Shaped by Charlotte.

Charlotte has made it her mission to educate, inspire, and empower others to shape their eating habits and relationship with food. Her approach focuses on silencing the noise and teaching flexible, sustainable eating habits that emphasize incorporating more, healthful plant-based foods into the diet. She champions fact over fad and takes an evidence-based approach to nutrition.

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte of Mosaic Foods
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Our vision

Mosaic is about more than creating healthy, great-tasting food — we’re on a mission to facilitate the world's transition to plant-centric eating.

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