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Meet Mosaic: Making Healthy, Satisfying Food Accessible to Everyone

Hi there! We’re Mosaic — and this is our blog! We’ll be publishing quite a bit here — from our thoughts on food, to research, to freezing tips and meal reviews. But to start it all out, we figured we’d tell you a little bit more about who we are and where we came from.

Mosaic started back in 2018, when we (co-founders Matt and Sam) were searching for a better way to eat. As busy New York professionals, we were painfully aware of the trade-offs between health, convenience, price, and taste when it came to our food. No matter where we looked, we couldn’t seem to find all four of these elusive virtues in one package. The healthiest of our meals were the most time-consuming — and the most expensive. The tastiest were the worst for our health. And the most convenient were bland and repetitive. We knew there was a better way, and we decided to find it.

Our quest for the perfect meal led us to the freezer aisle of our local grocery store. We’d both eaten supermarket frozen meals in the past, but they weren’t a big part of our diets for the same reasons that they’re probably not a big part of yours: small portion sizes, tons of artificial ingredients, and bland flavors. But the experience led us to a crazy thought: what if we could create food that had the convenience (and low price) of the frozen aisle, but the amazing taste and healthiness of a home-cooked meal?

We started by researching the frozen industry. It’s got a lot of stigma — and for good reason. Most of the frozen meals you’ll find on grocery shelves today are a far cry from the sort of hearty, delicious meals you can cook in a home kitchen. But the more we learned about the freezing process, the clearer it became that there’s nothing fundamentally bad about freezing; it’s just that for decades the frozen industry has been freezing food that was bad to begin with. Taste food before it’s cooled on one of Big Frozen’s factory lines, and you’ll notice that it has lots of the same problems that it has coming out of your home microwave: watery flavors, skimpy portions, and tons of preservatives.

"Mosaic started back in 2018, when we were searching for a better way to eat."

As we dove deeper into the industry, we learned that frozen food itself actually has quite a few benefits: it’s incredibly sustainable (and helps prevent food waste); often more nutritious than fresh food (it locks in nutrients early and keeps food farm-fresh); and ultra-convenient. Check out our article on why frozen is better for a full run-down of the benefits of frozen — and why we love it so much at Mosaic.

Convinced that we could do better, we set up shop in Matt’s Brooklyn apartment and started cooking. We went through hundreds of trials testing some of our favorite recipes in the freezer, defrosting them, and seeing how they did. We quickly learned that while not everything tastes good coming out of a microwave, a number of our favorite home-cooked meals performed remarkably well once defrosted.

We started sharing our food with friends and family, and it got rave reviews. That’s when we decided to turn our experiment into something bigger, moved into a commercial kitchen, and officially started Mosaic. We decided on a simple set of rules that guide Mosaic’s food ethos to this day: a focus on wholesome, mostly-veggie ingredients; real recipes cooked by hand; portions that satisfy; and nothing artificial, ever. In honor of our roots — and to ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to these rules — the last step before we launch any Mosaic product is still to cook it — and test it for quality — in Matt’s home kitchen.

As we grew our operation and laid the groundwork for Mosaic’s official launch, we learned quite a bit about the industry — including some deeply saddening facts about America’s food system: 40% of food America buys is wasted. Our country’s fruit and vegetable consumption is on the decline. And millions of people struggle with hunger every year despite increasingly efficient food production. When we talked through these problems and what they mean for our world, we decided that it was our responsibility, as we built Mosaic, to help solve them. So we formalized our company’s mission — to make healthy, satisfying food accessible to everyone — and partnered with the non-profit City Harvest to rescue 2 pounds of nutritious food and distribute it to New Yorkers in need for every Mosaic box sold. That’s the foundation of our food philosophy, The Fresh Take, and it drives everything we do.

We opened Mosaic to the public about four months ago, and we’ve already shipped thousands of boxes throughout the Northeast. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from our customers, and are so excited to connect with folks across the country who believe in our vision and mission. We’re looking forward to what’s to come, and excited to spread Mosaic’s ethos of good food for all to the world.

Matt and Sam


  • Kim

    Where are the heating instructions? I do not have a microwave.

  • Carol Klein

    I am so impressed with your meals. They are delicious and satisfying! I am signed up for more deliveries. I increased from 8 once a month to 12 every 2 weeks so yes, I love your meals! Keep it up! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • MikeP

    Just received my first order today and heated up the ‘beet’ meal, it was delicious! I’ve never ordered any type of food delivery but I’m about to go through the menu and pick out my next delivery! Thanks!

  • a hoppy

    I actually think their meals are quite tasty. Just ordered my second delivery. I let the meals defrost in the fridge then heat in oven or microwave in a dish as I am not a fan of the plastic that is embedded inside the paper boxes of each meal. I would love if they came up with packaging that did not have plastic inside the box itself. I emailed customer service about this and they responded the plastic is microwave safe- but in the long run even microwave safe plastic is not healthy if you are heating up a meal daily with it. So will see if I continue my subscription as it does take a bit more effort to allow meals to defrost then transfer to another bowl to heat- and I am looking for easy and healthy! There are other frozen meal services that offer meals that are in pure paper boxes which seems ideal.

  • sandy

    Good luck with your business. I am excited to get my first shipment!!

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