Frozen done fresh.

Food that’s good for your body and your tastebuds — cooked with care, frozen, and delivered to your door. Healthy is about to get easy.

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Mosaic Tuscan Pesto Bowl Purple cauliflower watercolor

Healthy convenience for life’s busiest moments

Mosaic is all the convenience of frozen, plus outstanding quality that brings the freshness of the farm to your table.

Simply open your delivery, pop one of our meals in the microwave, heat, and enjoy—no cooking required.

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Real. Good. Food.

Our meals are packed with natural, good-for-you ingredients and nothing artificial, ever. And unlike regular frozen food, our ingredients are roasted, sauteed, and seasoned in a real kitchen.

You’ll see (and taste) the difference.

Mosaic Smoky Southwest Bowl Sweet potato watercolor

Fighting food waste 👍

Up to 40% of food produced in the U.S. ends up in the trash — and that’s a big problem.

Unused food is the single largest component in municipal landfills and a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, waste raises prices for everyone since producers factor it into their balance sheets.

Frozen food cuts down on food waste by lengthening shelf life, ensuring that food doesn’t go bad on store shelves or in your refrigerator.

Meet the family.

With crisp and juicy veggies, hearty grains, and crave-able sauces delivered straight to your door, you’ll find yourself wanting to eat healthy every day.

Tuscan Pesto Bowl

Greek Jackfruit Bowl

Peanut Tofu Bowl

Miso Tempeh Bowl

Harvest Beet Bowl

Smoky Southwest Bowl

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