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Mosaic Turns 3 This Month! Celebrate With Us

Maybe it’s a sign that we’re getting older, but it feels like time flies faster with each passing year. It’s hard to believe that somehow, it’s already been three years since we first started Mosaic in Matt’s tiny apartment kitchen… And that in three years it’s become this big, beautiful community of people who care about eating well and doing right by the world.

In our first year, we faced the ups and downs any small business does during its start. We learned by doing – and boy, did we learn a lot. From sourcing to production to cooking to marketing, what kept us motivated every step of the way was delivering on our promise to put good food on every table. 

That took us into our second year, where we did it all over again – but this time through a global pandemic. We navigated the unknown as best we could, and now, in year three, we’ve made it through to what’s hopefully the other side — braver, better, and stronger — with an untold number of adventures and obstacles under our belts. Each storm we’ve weathered has become a lesson we’ve come to cherish; another drop in the bucket of reasons to be thankful for this journey we’ve embarked on. 

To commemorate our third birthday, we wanted to take time to thank you, our loyal customers, for allowing Mosaic to grow into what it is today; to look back on the journey we embarked on three years ago; and to share some of the exciting milestones we’ve reached with your support.

Better Together

When we first heard about City Harvest back in 2019, we were blown away by the incredible work they were doing in New York City, providing meals to nearly 400 food pantries, soup kitchens, and community partners across the five boroughs. We started our City Harvest partnership, where we rescue one pound of food for every Mosaic box sold. 

Thanks to you, this year alone, we’ve rescued 129,000 pounds of food – and an astounding 233,000 pounds of food all three years combined. Together, you’ve helped countless New Yorkers access the delicious, nutritious food they deserve. 

A Year of Culinary Creations

It’s been an exciting year for our test kitchens. At the top of 2021, we launched Mosaic soups – hearty, plant-based soups in six distinct flavors to join our eclectic collection of Oat Bowls and Veggie Bowls. 

In the spring, we released two new meals: the Butternut Squash and Sage Pasta; and the Pepper & Feta Ragout, both of which quickly became new customer favorites.

And in October, we launched our most ambitious undertaking yet – Mosaic Family Meals. After months of focus groups, feedback loops, recipe rewrites and taste tests, we were finally ready to finally serve what so many of you had requested: 12 delicious veggie-packed meals ready to bake and serve — big enough for the whole family to enjoy together. The same great taste, quality ingredients, and ultra convenience, in bigger sized servings.

In 2021 we launched Mosaic+, premium meals created and cooked by renowned chefs in the industry. Pierre Thiam, Einat Admony, and Greg Baxtrom were the first chefs to join the Mosaic community, and later in the year we added Kanchan Koya, Ereka Vetrini, and Pierce Abernathy to our roster of all-star chefs who’ve brought their expertise and unique flavors to thousands of Mosaic customers across the country.

80,000 and Counting…

To better serve our growing community of customers, last year we bought our own kitchen so we could adequately test, produce, and fulfill all our orders in one place. To say it’s been a game changer would be an understatement: In year 1, working out of rented kitchens, we were producing 10,000 meals a month. In year 2, thanks to our kitchen, we quadrupled that number to 40,000 meals per month; and now, in our third year we’re at 80,000 meals per month, and increasing every month. 

Of those 80,000 meals, these are the ones you all loved the most: In the Veggie Bowls category, the Peanut Tofu Bowl, Yellow Dal Curry, and Tangy Thai Stir Fry were our most popular bowls. Our PB & Cacao Oats took the spot for our best-selling Oat Bowl, and the Mac & Greens was our most-bought Mosaic+ meal. 

We want to say thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping Mosaic become what it is today, three years since its start. We’re honored to have earned your trust this far into our journey, and will continue to work tirelessly alongside you to make our mission become a reality: delicious plant-based food for a better you, and a better world.