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In The Kitchen With Chef Cori

Let's get to know our awesome team! This week we sat down with our R&D Chef, Cori who is the man behind all of the latest and greatest recipes that you've been loving.

Where do you find your inspiration from when creating something in R&D kitchen?

    My inspiration is usually drawn from the ingredients themselves.  We're right near the Hudson Valley to the north and have the famous NJ farms to the west and south.  The quality of the produce we can access is immaculate, so when I see a perfect delicata squash or bunch of asparagus my first thought is "I NEED to use this!"  Then I try to do as little to it as possible to make sure that ingredient take its place in the spotlight.  


    What's your favorite thing that you've done so far (whether we put it on the menu or not?) and what's your favorite Mosaic meal to eat?

      I absolutely love one of vegan items we've yet to launch.  I developed the whole product line, with one of the items in specific as my favorite. Without sharing too much, I'll give you a hint that I swapped a raisin for an in season cranberry to add a touch of tartness to an already awesome flavor profile that both adults and kids will love. My favorite mosaic meal is Jerk Lentil & Plantain bowl.  Sweet, spicy, earthy, tangy, and multiple textures.  It's a great dish and every bite can be different.


      Have you always been a part of the vegan/vegetarian world? What are some of the biggest differentiators you manage when working with vegan/veg recipes vs non vegan/veg recipes? 

        I've been making vegetarian and vegan food professionally but not exclusively for the last 10+ years and believe it's the future of food.  The biggest difference between veg/vegan and other foods for me is texture and technique.  Low and slow is one of my favorite ways to cook-smoking, BBQ, braising... great ways to make tough, cheaper cuts into superstars.  However, most veggies don't really like low and slow because they lose lots of their nutrients and texture in the process. For example, boiled broccoli so soft you can mash it with a spoon comes to mind.  So when I'm making veggie focused dishes I will gravitate towards techniques like roasting and searing that accentuate their taste and allow them to maintain more of their natural texture.  That naturally lends to brighter flavors (and colors!) and dishes that eat lighter. 


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