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Introducing Smoothies!

Today is the day! We have officially launched smoothies, our coolest product category yet. After tasting our lineup of 9 flavors, our resident dietician, Charlotte Martin weighed in on why they’re so awesome: 

 When evaluating the nutritional quality of a new product I take a look at both the nutrition facts label, specifically the fiber, protein, and added sugar content, and the ingredients list. I first look for added sugar content, and, if there is any, I’d like to see sugar listed towards the end of the ingredient list. When it comes to smoothies, I’d look for little to no added sugar and at least a few grams each of fiber and protein—but the more the better. Fiber and protein are a satiating duo and can help dampen the blood sugar response from the natural sugars in the fruits.

 All of these smoothies stand out from a nutritional perspective given their lack of added sugar and high protein and fiber content, but the smoothie that I love most is the Raspberry Cacao. It has a whopping 17 grams fiber, which is over half of the daily recommended fiber amount. When it comes to the fiber content of fruits, raspberries are the fiber MVP, providing 8 grams per cup. The cacao and chia in this smoothie are also rich in fiber. I also appreciate that this smoothie provides nearly 10 grams of protein, and 20% of the daily value of both iron and potassium—two micronutrients that can be tough for certain individuals to get enough of.  

Mosaic’s smoothies stand out to me from other options on the market in a couple of ways:
  • The total sugar content doesn’t exceed that of a large piece of fruit, unlike some pre-made smoothies I’ve seen on the market with 50+ grams. Although all fruits are extremely nutritious and the natural sugars found in them are a great source of energy, there’s also no need to overdo it.
  • All but one of the flavors have a small seed (flax, chia, hemp seeds) in the ingredient list. I always recommend my clients add small seeds to their smoothies because it’s an easy (and virtually flavorless) way to up your fiber and omega-3 fat intake for the day. 

You heard it from the expert, our smoothies are here and ready for whenever, wherever you need your daily dose of nutrients, veggies and a feel good, refreshing moment.


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