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Meet Our Ingredient Partners

Really good food, made with real, good ingredients — that’s always been our promise to you. And with over 20 plant-powered meals, we’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come in our mission to make eating well easier. Now, we couldn’t be more excited as we gear up for our launch of all-new recipes in a brand new meal category: plant-based breakfast bowls!

Each of our new recipes is a hearty, delicious blend of flavors you can feel great about eating. They’re a result of thoughtful collaboration and research to make sure we’ve got only the best in the bowl — after all, a meal is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. As Mosaic’s head chef, one of my biggest priorities during recipe development is to source high-quality ingredients from brands that align with our core values. For our newest oat bowls, we’re fortunate to have teamed up with brands like Bob’s Red Mill, Field Roast, and Lahtt Sauce — three amazing brands that share our commitment to clean, whole-food ingredients.

Thanks to our trusted ingredient partners, I’m at ease knowing every meal we’ve created for you is delicious and thoughtfully sourced. We’re delighted to introduce you to each of them, and see exactly why we made them part of the magic here at Mosaic.

Bob's Red Mill

What It’s In:

We use Bob’s Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats as the base for our new breakfast bowls, because they’re certified USDA Organic, non-GMO, and have won the highly-coveted title of “World’s Best Oatmeal.” Made from high-protein, whole grain oats that are lightly toasted and cut on a steel buhr mill, they have a chewy, full-bodied flavor that act as an incredible base for a huge variety of toppable ingredients — our six distinctly flavored bowls are proof!

Why We Love Them:

I've seen Bob’s Red Mill, along with Bob himself, frequently at trade shows. He’s a trusted name in the industry, with innovative products that prioritize quality and sourcing. So when it came down to deciding on the best oats for our oat bowls, there was no question Bob’s was it. As a family-run company founded by Bob and his wife Charlee over 40 years ago, Bob’s Red Mill has operated under the same principle we hold dear at Mosaic: that people deserve quality, nutritious foods they can feel good about eating.

The couple launched Bob’s Red Mill in 1978, encouraged by Charlee’s now-confirmed belief that natural foods and whole grains are better for everyone. They started out simply with stone ground whole wheat flour and a handful of other goods, but over the decades, have expanded to offer an extensive line of over 400 products featuring whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts — never compromising on their commitment to quality along the way.

But Bob’s Red Mill is more than just their products. Even as his brand grew larger and more successful over the years, Bob turned down countless offers from corporations to sell. Instead, on his 81st birthday, he announced that all employees would become employee-owners, to ensure the company remained in the hands of those who helped create it. Today, Bob’s Red Mill is 100% employee-owned.

Field Roast Veggie Sausage

What It’s In:

We use Field Roast’s Apple Maple Veggie Sausage in our Veggie Sausage and Gouda Oat Bowl. These plant-based sausages are subtly seasoned with ginger, black pepper, and hints of real maple syrup and apples from the Pacific Northwest. They pair perfectly with the bowl’s creamy smoked gouda, garlicky sautéed kale, and roasted red peppers and onions. It’s meatless magic at its finest!

Why We Love Them:

I’ve tried my fair share of plant-based meats, and this is hands down the best veggie sausage I've tasted. Plus, it's the only one I've seen that comes in breakfast sausage links, just like the real thing! With an ultra-clean label, and ingredients you can find at the store, Field Roast provides a delicious vegan alternative to the breakfast staple.

Field Roast has been a pioneer in the plant-based industry since 1997, creating flavorful, high-quality products made from fresh whole-food ingredients, like grains, legumes, vegetables, and spices — and you know we’re all about that at Mosaic! Layered with big, bold flavors, Field Roast products make any meal more interesting.

Aside from sausages, they also make plant-based burgers, cheeses, deli slices, and even roasts! They’re a true gamechanger in the industry, and we’re proud to include their innovative sausages in our meals.

Lahtt Sauce

What It’s In:

Lahtt Sauce is an essential component of our new Shiitake Ginger Oat Bowl, and our staple Spicy Dan Dan Noodles. This premium, all-purpose chili oil sauce is a great base for any Asian-inspired dish, and packs an amazing punch of umami. Made with a blend of clean-label ingredients, including sunflower oil, tamari, and soybeans, it adds a deep, delicious flavor to both our bowls without using any MSG or preservatives.

Why We Love Them:

I stumbled across Lahtt Sauce at Whole Foods in my quest to find an all-purpose chili sauce made with simple ingredients. It checked off every box in my recipe tests — natural, clean, and incredibly flavorful. Lahtt Sauce fully lives up to its promise as an all-in-one seasoning, and it’s no wonder why.

Lahtt Sauce was concocted by founder Maxine Lau’s father, the head chef of several Chinese restaurants in Southern California that were passed down to him by his father. It’s a true family business born out of generations of experience in the food industry, and created with an earnest desire to bring delicious Chinese flavors to people’s homes — without compromising on authenticity or health. They’re a like-minded company devoted to careful and sustainable sourcing, with a genuine commitment to honesty, integrity, and sustainable sourcing.

We founded Mosaic to create good food you feel good about eating, which is why we’re thrilled to work with ingredient partners that operate with the same mission. We can’t wait for you to try our new bowls, and personally get to know the brands that make our Mosaic meals what they are: high-quality, delicious, and good for you.