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Summer Entertaining for Plant Based and Meat Eating Guests

Summertime, and the grillin's easy. Whether you're entertaining a family of fully plant based guests or you're expecting company with large appetites and preferences all across the board, here are my few tips to keep everyone full, happy and ready for seconds: 
  • As a best practice, always grill any veggies first before any animal products and use separate grilling tools and serving utensils to avoid any potential cross-contamination 
  • Invest in labeling! Since most BBQs are family-style, tent cards or labels for each dish as vegan or vegetarian will help eliminate any confusion for your guests while you are busy hosting or manning the grill.
  • Intimidated by creating a tasty vegan or vegetarian dish? Consult your friends pre-party for their recommendations. My personal favorite is a build-your-own grilled pizzas. They're not only are a crowd-pleaser sure to but such an an easy option to will satisfy your vegan, vegetarian, AND meat-eating guests. Just brush the pizza dough  with olive oil, grill for a few minutes, then top with choice of veggies, meats, meat alternatives, vegan cheeses, or dairy cheeses. 
  • Kebabs are another summer staple that don't have to be boring without the meat! Halloumi and paneer are perfect cheeses for the grill and can be marinated to really soak up all of the flavors and paired with seasonal veggies. Some of my favorite vegetables to use in the summer are zucchini, eggplant, and peppers. 

In our humblest opinion, a family meal is the best compliment to any grilled veggie. Just pop our BBQ Meatloaf or Broccoli Cheddar Mac in the oven and serve! 

Pro tip: Serve our Ginger Sesame Noodles cold for a zesty, crisp summer side salad that's guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. 


Happy summer!