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Two Years of Mosaic: How We've Grown

It’s officially been two years since Mosaic opened shop, and we can say with certainty that our second year has been unlike any we could have ever imagined. Between a global pandemic and the events that came with it, this year gave us more than we bargained for — with just as many ups as there were downs. It was a year of reflection, introspection, and growth, with many, many lessons learned, new relationships built, and even more reasons to be thankful for this journey we’ve embarked on.

Despite all the changes and uncertainty throughout the past twelve months, our mission remains the same: to help you put good, nutritious, plant-based food on your table. We hope our pursuit of that mission has made your life a little bit healthier and happier this past year.

To our amazing customers: thank you so much for allowing Mosaic to grow into what it is today. In this post, we'll share a few of the milestones we’ve reached with your support, and take a look at what’s next for Mosaic.

Better Together

When the pandemic first began, Mosaic was just closing out its first year in business. Our amazing staff worked tirelessly not only to keep our operation running, but also to help the surrounding community through the tough times. We're so proud of and grateful for the team that has made this possible.

Lack of safe access to food was a consequence of the pandemic no one anticipated — and we were incredibly fortunate to be in a unique position to help. Our business provided delicious, plant-based nutrition to those quarantined at home throughout the pandemic. But we also wanted to find ways to use our company to help individuals and families living through COVID who didn't have the means to order Mosaic on an ongoing basis. And we're really proud of the ways we've been able to make an impact:

First, we partnered up with the Restaurant Workers Relief Program at Olmsted, Greg Baxtrom’s Brooklyn restaurant. In response to mass restaurant closures in New York City, Greg converted Olmsted, which had also been shuttered, into a food bank, supplying meals and essential supplies to the thousands of restaurant workers who found themselves suddenly without work. We were one of many donors to Greg’s initiative, and were glad to help provide balanced meals to essential workers and those in need.

Second, we worked with Food Love, a national crisis relief program that identifies people in need of food and matches them with direct-to-door plant-based food supply. We donated Mosaic boxes to local families in need of nourishing, healthy meals.

Next, for Thanksgiving, we matched our generous customers' donations to Sunday Breakfast Mission, an organization that provides support for housing-insecure individuals and those battling addiction. In total, we donated over 3,000 meals to the organization last year.

And last but not least — we've also continued our partnership with City Harvest, which we've had in place since the day Mosaic launched. For every box of Mosaic meals sold, we work with City Harvest to rescue nutritious food and donate it to New Yorkers in need. And the numbers add up: in the last year, we helped rescue over 50,000 pounds of food as part of this partnership. We’re so grateful for all the opportunities to give back this past year, and for you, our customers, who have been there to support every step of the way.

Plant, plants, and more plants!

This year, we launched a number of new products: three entirely new lines that featured amazing brands, chefs, and, of course, more delicious plant-based ingredients (shoutout to our rockstar head chef, Christine for her culinary genius). Our six new oat bowls led Mosaic into previously uncharted breakfast territory, and the reception has been fantastic! We’re thrilled you love them and aren't sure how we went so long with-oat them 😉.

This past January, we launched Mosaic soups filled with hearty, good-for-you vegetables in six distinct flavors. From Miso Soba Noodle Soup to Pozole Verde, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

And, we rolled out our biggest undertaking yet, Mosaic+ — premium meals created and cooked by all-star chefs in the industry. We’re honored to have had Pierre Thiam, Einat Admony, and Greg Baxtrom join the Mosaic community and spread the plant-based revolution to even more people’s plates.

What’s to come...

When we first started Mosaic, we were working out of Matt’s tiny apartment kitchen, and serving only a handful of East Coast cities. Two years later, we’ve extended our delivery radius to include the entire eastern third of the U.S., with plans to expand even further in the future.

To adequately serve our growing community of customers, this year we moved into a new, bigger kitchen, and have hired over ten new chefs from the local community to help cook our food. Plus, we've got an exciting new product line coming soon...stay tuned!

We want to say thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping Mosaic become what it is today, two years after we launched. Together we'll continue to make our mission become a reality: delicious, plant-based food for a better you, and a better world.